Last week I had a rare weekend off and spent the Sunday having a break from essay writing, and spent the day with my mum who popped over for a visit. I love Edinburgh, there is always something on and on this particular day there was a bake fair where all the cakes were centred around a 'boozy cake' theme.

Located down at cowgate in the Three Sister's pub, my mum and I wandered down around lunchtime whilst it was still relatively quiet. As well as some cake stands there was also a dessert pizza stall, gin stand and a fudge stall. One of my favourite things about the fair was how many of the cakes and sweets were vegan friendly / gluten free, which is handy when one of your best friends is a vegan and you're looking for bakeries to eat at.

Naturally both my mum and I sampled some of the goodies available, with my mum choosing a 'hummingbird' cake whilst I went for the mojito drizzle. This cake - holy crap. The icing was slightly sickly once you started to reach the end of your slice but I would defiently recommend all about patisserie to anybody in Edinburgh who is looking for something different.

Afterwards my mum and I went for a spot of lunch and a wander down the royal mile, before she headed home and I went back to attempting an essay. It was really nice spending the day with my mum and having a weekend where I wasn't surrounded by customers. 

Did you do anything this weekend? x 

Edinburgh Day Out

If I had to pick a time of the year it would be the last couple of months. October brings autumn rain, Halloween, my boyfriends birthday and 80% of females wearing a berry lip (including myself).

September was full of uni work, travelling and spending that beautiful student loan on stuff that I don't actually need. Due to this my favourites this month has been a random assortment of things - from books and antihistamines.

The first thing I've been loving this past month is a clothing item that I purchased off ASOS. I haven't actually really worn a cardigan since school, but this grey woollen one looks so great just finishing off any outfit. I took it with me whilst travelling, which was great for keeping in my bag and throwing on once landing back in Scotland.

I had picked up the book 'Asking for it' by Louise O'Neill without really knowing what to expect and holy hell was it insane. I don't want to say it was good, because there were parts that were upsetting to read and the ending was both realistic and unsatisfying, but it was so eye opening that I would recommend it to anybody in a heart beat.

If you aren't a musical / cheesy tv type of person then this show probably isn't for you. I started watching this on the plane home and you can only imagine my delight when I found out it was on Netflix as well. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of those silly shows that can quickly become your guilty pleasure, and I binge watched series 1 as soon as I could.

I did only get this towards the end of September but I think it's too pretty not to put in my favourites. I have so many store cards/bus passes etc that I need a purse with lots of card slots and this one holds all my cards perfectly.

Oh look another Gillian Flynn book! I picked this one up to take to the beach in Vietnam and finished it within half an hour. I don't think I will ever forgive Gillian Flynn for ending the novella on such a cliff hanger and if anybody feels the same, lets start a petition to get a full book from it.

One of my only beauty related favourites this month has been this Barry M nail polish from the Molten Metals Collection. I own both the bronze and copper one, they go on thickly and don't take too long to dry which is a massive bonus. The only down side is that they can chip quite easily, but with a good top coat you can easily get a good couple of days out of it without any top ups.

What are you loving this month?

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