When they say the jump from first year to second year of uni is big, they aren't kidding. In the past month I have been writing a new essay every week, going straight from one to another with no breaks. This combined with working after uni pretty much everyday has resulted in everything else falling wayside. Due to this, I haven't really kept track of my most commonly used products or read any books outside course ones this month and so I thought I would do a more general overview this month.

October was a very food oriented month, with it starting off with my visit to a little baking fair which I spoke about in here. The main event in October was probably my boyfriends birthday on the 15th, and we spent the weekend watching musicals and eating copious amounts of curry and naan bread. His mum kindly bought me a ticket for my birthday to go and see Billy Elliot at Edinburgh Playhouse and bloody hell was it good. Having never seen the film I was dubious about going to see it, but after crying my eyes out I can safely say I very much enjoyed it. The next musical was Miss Saigon which was being shown at the local Odeon, this was probably one of my least favourite musicals I've ever seen. The cast were great, the plot and music just never appealed to me very much.

This was my first year working over Halloween and it was sheer hell - never before have I seen so many women fighting over the last size 8-10 in a slutty devil costume. I also got screamed at by a woman who came into the shop 20 minutes before we closed on Halloween, looking for cat ears which she needed urgently for her party that night. Top tip - don't leave your costume shopping until half an hour before your party. Dressing up for work meant I was your stereotypical basic bitch - a cat, an army girl and a bunny. Inventive.

Another plus this month was getting to see one of my old coworkers who is currently living in France for a year. We went for high tea at a little tea shop called eteaket just off George Street, and spent the afternoon blabbering away over scones and numerous cups of tea.

Aside from uni and work, this month was been full of catching up with friends and eating various forms of cake. How was your October? x

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