A lot of people talk about the sadness that winter often brings. As we headed into November, into the darker nights, the longer work hours and the uni deadlines, I've found myself really struggling against the autumn to winter blues. Having been in this slump for the past couple of weeks, I have been desperately trying to shake off the feelings that have gotten me in this dip.

Due to working in retail, my job hours have been hectic and add that to exams I felt constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. The week leading up to the start of my exams I was working every day, and that combined with staying up to study meant I was constantly grouchy and temperamental (shout out to my boyfriend for being on hand with revision snacks). This isn't to say I haven't enjoyed the lead up to Christmas, I've loved snacking on churros at the markets and having the excuse to wear sparkly dresses. It just meant that things I enjoy spending time doing (i.e reading, blogging, shopping) went to the back of my list of priorities.

The past month has shown me the benefit that pampering sessions can have on helping you destress. Small things like getting my nails done, booking a massage for the day after my exams or even just lighting candles whilst I revise helped give me the slightest bit of sanity during exam time.
With Amsterdam coming up and having accepted an internship in Sri Lanka, I can't wait to blog all of what 2017 will bring.

Battling the winter blues

When they say the jump from first year to second year of uni is big, they aren't kidding. In the past month I have been writing a new essay every week, going straight from one to another with no breaks. This combined with working after uni pretty much everyday has resulted in everything else falling wayside. Due to this, I haven't really kept track of my most commonly used products or read any books outside course ones this month and so I thought I would do a more general overview this month.

October was a very food oriented month, with it starting off with my visit to a little baking fair which I spoke about in here. The main event in October was probably my boyfriends birthday on the 15th, and we spent the weekend watching musicals and eating copious amounts of curry and naan bread. His mum kindly bought me a ticket for my birthday to go and see Billy Elliot at Edinburgh Playhouse and bloody hell was it good. Having never seen the film I was dubious about going to see it, but after crying my eyes out I can safely say I very much enjoyed it. The next musical was Miss Saigon which was being shown at the local Odeon, this was probably one of my least favourite musicals I've ever seen. The cast were great, the plot and music just never appealed to me very much.

This was my first year working over Halloween and it was sheer hell - never before have I seen so many women fighting over the last size 8-10 in a slutty devil costume. I also got screamed at by a woman who came into the shop 20 minutes before we closed on Halloween, looking for cat ears which she needed urgently for her party that night. Top tip - don't leave your costume shopping until half an hour before your party. Dressing up for work meant I was your stereotypical basic bitch - a cat, an army girl and a bunny. Inventive.

Another plus this month was getting to see one of my old coworkers who is currently living in France for a year. We went for high tea at a little tea shop called eteaket just off George Street, and spent the afternoon blabbering away over scones and numerous cups of tea.

Aside from uni and work, this month was been full of catching up with friends and eating various forms of cake. How was your October? x

October Overview

Last week I had a rare weekend off and spent the Sunday having a break from essay writing, and spent the day with my mum who popped over for a visit. I love Edinburgh, there is always something on and on this particular day there was a bake fair where all the cakes were centred around a 'boozy cake' theme.

Located down at cowgate in the Three Sister's pub, my mum and I wandered down around lunchtime whilst it was still relatively quiet. As well as some cake stands there was also a dessert pizza stall, gin stand and a fudge stall. One of my favourite things about the fair was how many of the cakes and sweets were vegan friendly / gluten free, which is handy when one of your best friends is a vegan and you're looking for bakeries to eat at.

Naturally both my mum and I sampled some of the goodies available, with my mum choosing a 'hummingbird' cake whilst I went for the mojito drizzle. This cake - holy crap. The icing was slightly sickly once you started to reach the end of your slice but I would defiently recommend all about patisserie to anybody in Edinburgh who is looking for something different.

Afterwards my mum and I went for a spot of lunch and a wander down the royal mile, before she headed home and I went back to attempting an essay. It was really nice spending the day with my mum and having a weekend where I wasn't surrounded by customers. 

Did you do anything this weekend? x 

Edinburgh Day Out

If I had to pick a time of the year it would be the last couple of months. October brings autumn rain, Halloween, my boyfriends birthday and 80% of females wearing a berry lip (including myself).

September was full of uni work, travelling and spending that beautiful student loan on stuff that I don't actually need. Due to this my favourites this month has been a random assortment of things - from books and antihistamines.

The first thing I've been loving this past month is a clothing item that I purchased off ASOS. I haven't actually really worn a cardigan since school, but this grey woollen one looks so great just finishing off any outfit. I took it with me whilst travelling, which was great for keeping in my bag and throwing on once landing back in Scotland.

I had picked up the book 'Asking for it' by Louise O'Neill without really knowing what to expect and holy hell was it insane. I don't want to say it was good, because there were parts that were upsetting to read and the ending was both realistic and unsatisfying, but it was so eye opening that I would recommend it to anybody in a heart beat.

If you aren't a musical / cheesy tv type of person then this show probably isn't for you. I started watching this on the plane home and you can only imagine my delight when I found out it was on Netflix as well. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of those silly shows that can quickly become your guilty pleasure, and I binge watched series 1 as soon as I could.

I did only get this towards the end of September but I think it's too pretty not to put in my favourites. I have so many store cards/bus passes etc that I need a purse with lots of card slots and this one holds all my cards perfectly.

Oh look another Gillian Flynn book! I picked this one up to take to the beach in Vietnam and finished it within half an hour. I don't think I will ever forgive Gillian Flynn for ending the novella on such a cliff hanger and if anybody feels the same, lets start a petition to get a full book from it.

One of my only beauty related favourites this month has been this Barry M nail polish from the Molten Metals Collection. I own both the bronze and copper one, they go on thickly and don't take too long to dry which is a massive bonus. The only down side is that they can chip quite easily, but with a good top coat you can easily get a good couple of days out of it without any top ups.

What are you loving this month?

September Favourites

 Upon my trip to Singapore I can confidently conclude that I could never live in a city with a Sephora.   In one week I managed to go to 3 different Sephora stores in some sort of expensive, therapeutic bar crawl.

I'm not a big person for face masks but I do suffer quite badly from dark circles under my eyes so thought I would pick these up and give them a try. Aimed at brightening the undereyes, I can tell these will be my saviours particularly as it gets closer to exam/deadlines time.

After my boyfriend smashed my Becca highlighter, I was in two minds over trying a new highlighter or just repurchasing my trusty old Becca. I saw this tarte one and loved how similar it was to my last one. The pigmentation isn't as good as my last one but the price is definitely a lot more purse friendly. 

I am officially in love with this foundation. It is long lasting, thick coverage with just one pump and matches my skin tone perfectly. I've been using it everyday since I bought it and will definitely be repurchasing it once it runs out. 

I'd debated for so long on buying NAR's cult classic 'orgasm' blush and finally decided to get it as we enter Autumn. Whilst I love using more bronzer during the summer, once we hit the autumn months I tend to love getting that naturally flushed cheek look that this blush perfectly gives me. 



The 3 lip products I got were the Sephora lipstick, Kat Von D liquid lipstick and Sephora lip tint. The first lipstick is a rich berry colour which doesn't dry out my lips like my MAC liquid lipstick in the same shade. I was dubious about trying the Kat Von D lipstick as I normally find liquid lipsticks too drying but after swatching it on my hand, I continued loving it throughout the day and picked one up a couple days later. A coworker of mine had bought one of the lip tints whilst on holiday and I knew before going to Singapore that I couldn't leave without getting one myself. They go on slightly glossy but that is easily remedied with some blotting and they leave a lovely natural look if you prefer having a lip product slightly less obvious. 

What beauty products are you loving just now? x

Sephora Haul / First Impressions

Whilst I was in Singapore, my dad and I decided to go visit Hoi An in Vietnam for the weekend. Having never really considered going to Vietnam before, I was slightly dubious but found myself really enjoying the weekend and would very happily go back again.

Staying just a couple minutes walk from the Old Town, we spent most of the weekend wandering around the streets, visiting the local food markets and exploring the temples.




 Have you been on any holidays recently?

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