A lot of people talk about the sadness that winter often brings. As we headed into November, into the darker nights, the longer work hours and the uni deadlines, I've found myself really struggling against the autumn to winter blues. Having been in this slump for the past couple of weeks, I have been desperately trying to shake off the feelings that have gotten me in this dip.

Due to working in retail, my job hours have been hectic and add that to exams I felt constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. The week leading up to the start of my exams I was working every day, and that combined with staying up to study meant I was constantly grouchy and temperamental (shout out to my boyfriend for being on hand with revision snacks). This isn't to say I haven't enjoyed the lead up to Christmas, I've loved snacking on churros at the markets and having the excuse to wear sparkly dresses. It just meant that things I enjoy spending time doing (i.e reading, blogging, shopping) went to the back of my list of priorities.

The past month has shown me the benefit that pampering sessions can have on helping you destress. Small things like getting my nails done, booking a massage for the day after my exams or even just lighting candles whilst I revise helped give me the slightest bit of sanity during exam time.
With Amsterdam coming up and having accepted an internship in Sri Lanka, I can't wait to blog all of what 2017 will bring.

Battling the winter blues

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