Upon my trip to Singapore I can confidently conclude that I could never live in a city with a Sephora.   In one week I managed to go to 3 different Sephora stores in some sort of expensive, therapeutic bar crawl.

I'm not a big person for face masks but I do suffer quite badly from dark circles under my eyes so thought I would pick these up and give them a try. Aimed at brightening the undereyes, I can tell these will be my saviours particularly as it gets closer to exam/deadlines time.

After my boyfriend smashed my Becca highlighter, I was in two minds over trying a new highlighter or just repurchasing my trusty old Becca. I saw this tarte one and loved how similar it was to my last one. The pigmentation isn't as good as my last one but the price is definitely a lot more purse friendly. 

I am officially in love with this foundation. It is long lasting, thick coverage with just one pump and matches my skin tone perfectly. I've been using it everyday since I bought it and will definitely be repurchasing it once it runs out. 

I'd debated for so long on buying NAR's cult classic 'orgasm' blush and finally decided to get it as we enter Autumn. Whilst I love using more bronzer during the summer, once we hit the autumn months I tend to love getting that naturally flushed cheek look that this blush perfectly gives me. 



The 3 lip products I got were the Sephora lipstick, Kat Von D liquid lipstick and Sephora lip tint. The first lipstick is a rich berry colour which doesn't dry out my lips like my MAC liquid lipstick in the same shade. I was dubious about trying the Kat Von D lipstick as I normally find liquid lipsticks too drying but after swatching it on my hand, I continued loving it throughout the day and picked one up a couple days later. A coworker of mine had bought one of the lip tints whilst on holiday and I knew before going to Singapore that I couldn't leave without getting one myself. They go on slightly glossy but that is easily remedied with some blotting and they leave a lovely natural look if you prefer having a lip product slightly less obvious. 

What beauty products are you loving just now? x

Sephora Haul / First Impressions

Whilst I was in Singapore, my dad and I decided to go visit Hoi An in Vietnam for the weekend. Having never really considered going to Vietnam before, I was slightly dubious but found myself really enjoying the weekend and would very happily go back again.

Staying just a couple minutes walk from the Old Town, we spent most of the weekend wandering around the streets, visiting the local food markets and exploring the temples.




 Have you been on any holidays recently?

Vietnam Photo Diary

I arrived in Singapore yesterday morning and after napping on and off, I decided to get out and walk around a bit today. I hopped on the MRT (Singapore's version of the tube) and after about twenty minutes arrived at the Botanic Gardens station, which was very convenient in that as soon as you got out the exit the gates were right there - unlike the Chinatown station where there are about 6 exits and is essentially hell on earth. Naturally my camera died almost as soon as I arrived but I managed to take some photos on my phone.

a massive thank you to this little guy who absolutely nailed that 'looking away from the camera ' pose

The gardens are massive, a lot bigger than I expected and after seeing a lot of people doing yoga or just lying on the grass, I would definitely consider going back with a book next time and just chilling.

After this very relaxing and chilled morning, I did end up going to Sephora and ruining any chilled out vibes I had by spending all my money so that is that. x

Singapore - Botanic Gardens

This time tomorrow I will be on the plane to Singapore, and so I thought I would upload a quick 'what is in my hand luggage' post. I love travelling, and so far this year I have been to both Rome and Spain so getting to go to Singapore as well is extremely lucky of me.

My actual hand luggage is just a plain brown slouchy tote that I picked up from H&M for £13. With two 7 hour flights, I do normally pack a change of clothes for when I travel to Singapore, just to freshen up during the layover at Doha. Obviously the main thing in my hand luggage is my passport - if you forget this you're screwed.

Naturally I am also taking my laptop with me and due to missing some uni lectures I plan on catching up on some of my missed work whilst on the plane and also drafting some blogposts. I have the macbook air so it is nice and light and doesn't take up too much room in my bag thankfully. 

I don't normally bother with makeup for a long-haul flight so my toiletries are pretty scarce, with my The Body Shop tea tree night cream, some antihistamines and deodorant wipes being my main necessities. I prefer wipes opposed to spray as I think they feel fresher in the long run as well as I don't like the idea of using the spray on the actual plane itself. I have a lot of problems with my sinus' so always like to have a packet of antihistamines on hand in case.

Also taking place in my hand luggage but not pictured - a massive bottle of water (got to keep hydrated), copious amounts of food, comfy socks and my woollen cardigan to combat the cold airports. 

What do you like taking on planes with you? 

What is in my hand luggage

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