January Favourites


Just when you thought all the monthly favourite posts were gone, here I come creeping out of the woodwork keeping you on your toes. January has been a hellish month, with 6 weeks between payday I spend most of it debating whether or not I could afford to buy a cookie at subway, and then buying it anyway.

My first favourite this month was a candle that I got for my christmas from Benj. I absolutely must have a candle burning at all times and this one is the perfect combination of sweet and warming at the same time - it makes my room smell slightly like a bakery. The candle is the first one I've ever had from New Look and I am more than pleasantly surprised at the burning length and scent give off.

My second favourite is more beauty related and my saviour this past month. Just before Christmas I decided to get acrylic nails for the first time and boy do i regret it. I loved having them on, however when I took them off I had never been in so much pain in my life. My nails are unhealthy thin to the point I could barely use my hands without wanting to yelp in pain. After some research (I googled it) I went out and purchased Sally Hansen's nail strengthener from Boots and it has given me some hope that I will have normal nails again one day. 


Following on from that, I also purchased some cuticle & nail oil from L'Occitane to help my poor nails as much as possible. It is the perfect size to just keep in my handbag ready to pop on whenever I am applying hand cream or my nails are aching a bit. 


In other news I am off to Sri Lanka in just 3 months and so I have been crazy busy filling out all the forms necessary. I picked up this notebook when I was in Singapore in September from Kikki.k, and never really had a use for it until now, but I have been picking it up whenever a new list or task comes into my mind.


What have you been loving this month? 

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  1. Looks interesting! Lovely photos ❀

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