Top tips for shopping in Ann Summers

Top tips for shopping in Ann Summers

Following the success of Tupperware parties, Ann Summers rose to popularity (with the help of Sex and the City's Charlotte famously using her rabbit - a toy many customers still reference to). Embracing female sexual empowerment, many still find the store to be embarrassing highlighting the stigmatism still present in the 21st Century against both feminism and sex. 

A lot of friends or people I speak to ask "isn't it embarrassing working there?" and honestly it's only embarrassing if people choose to make it so. Whether you are a loyal customer or a newbie, here is some handy tips for if you wish to wander on in. 

  1. Don't make any assumptions - One thing that anybody working in customer service quickly realises is that people can just be down right rude. Working in a shop that sells lingerie and sex toys often results in a lot of people believing its okay to make judgments, and this has left us all being called names from "slut", "easy" and, my personal favourite that was yelled into our shop door, "stripper c*nts". 
  2. Please don't be shy to ask us any questions - Honestly, it helps our shift pass quicker and its what we are employed to do. It doesn't matter if you want us to help you find a bra size, explain  the benefits of a toy to you, or even just point you in the direction of the fitting rooms - we will happily help you. Obviously, we've been subjected to the creepy men that think its okay to cross the boundaries between professional and personal questions, but more times than not we are happy to spend those extra couple of minutes explaining things in more detail (particularly if we can tell the customer is nervous).  
  3. Don't treat the shop like your personal sex parlour - Its all well and good bringing along your partner to get their opinions, but if we are having to stop you going for a quickie in the changing rooms or interrupting your grinding to ask if you want a carrier bag, you will quickly become a work tale that we pass around our friends. 
  4. Buy what you want, we honestly won't judge you - Applying across pretty much every retail job, the chances of us actually remembering what you bought 5 minutes later is very slim. Whilst we may spend a good 15 minutes talking with you, once you've left the shop we probably won't remember if you bought a plain white bra or an intro to bondage kit - and honestly  we don't care. Of course if you're a 5'4 women buying a 38G bra we will occasionally marvel at your ability to remain upright, but later on that night you are a distant memory to us. Sorry x
  5. If you have time then take us up on our free bra fitting - It is free, takes 5 minutes and we get to escape off the shop floor for a while. It is honestly baffling seeing the women coming in with highly ill-fitting bras- one woman having to come in after her doctor spotted her bra being the main contributor to her crippling back pain. Also, a properly fitting bra equals better looking boobs and what is the point on spending money on bras if they aren't going to do their job? 

However failing all this we do a delivery service to your home which, contrary to somewhat popular belief, doesn't arrive with ANN SUMMERS SEX TOY splashed across the box X 

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